Online Purchases.
This service will give you an instant “print-at-home” ticket that you print out from your computer. The ticket has a unique barcode that will be read and verified when you attend the appropriate event or session. Bring the ticket with you to avoid entry delays. When you order and pay online there are no additional charges and no booking fees. Our SSL security system ensures your credit card and contact details are safe and secure. All information you provide is secured by 128 Bit SSL.
Order and Pay by Phone
A surcharge of $5 applies to orders by phone to post the tickets or your ticket can be emailed to you for free. Please phone us on 02 8338 0032 to buy your tickets, and provide us with payment and email or address details.

The easiest and most economical way to purchase a ticket outside Australia is via the online ticket office. You can print your “instant ticket” and bring it to the session you booked. Prices are in Australian Dollars.

You most certainly can try, but this is not advised. For all events, there are limits to the number of people that can attend. If a session you arrive at have all allocated tickets sold, you will not be able to purchase a ticket. It is advised that you pre-purchase your tickets to ensure you will be permitted into the session you would like to attend. To avoid wasted travel costs and inconvenience it would be best to phone us on the day to check if the event has tickets available.

If you lose your “Print at Home” ticket, you can reprint it from the file sent attached to the email you received on the day you purchased it. If you don’t have that email and file you should contact us with all the details you provided to purchase the ticket and we will resend the email with the ticket file attached. If this is not possible, please phone us and we will attempt to retrieve your ticket another way.
If you lose your ticket on the way to the venue, ensure you have some photo identification and possibly the credit card you used to purchase the ticket with you so we can let you in. It may take some time to do this on the day so please endeavour to reprint the ticket from the email if you can. If you lose the ticket we posted to you, notify us and we will reprint and post another, or if there is insufficient time before the event, we will add your name to the door list. Please read the Expo Policies about refunds and changes to tickets.

You can use Visacard, Mastercard or American Express cards. If you don’t have a Credit Card you could pay cash at the door of the event, but it is best to phone us to arrange this in case the event becomes fully booked and you cannot get in.

Yes and No. Please read the Terms and Conditions that apply.

Yes and No. Please read the Terms and Conditions that apply.

Yes, but if the event is full you may not be able to purchase a ticket at all. Phone us well before so we can add your name to the possible door sales. The only safe way to get in is to purchase a ticket beforehand.

Yes. Usually the seating is not reserved, so you can sit where you wish.

The Expo duration is usually shown on your ticket. It’s best to arrive close to starting time to get maximum time to taste and talk to the experts.

Masterclasses are 10 – 15 minutes duration.

Send us an email or phone our office to ask.
Tel 02 8338 0032 or send us an email from the contact page.
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